October 2022 - Newshana

How to Build a Mobile App for your Business Needs?

Development of mobile applications has long been in demand. Initially, the idea of smartphones didn’t exist. Additionally, individuals were using desktop PCs to play games or carry out any other commonplace tasks. However, as time goes on and technology advances, cellphones have come to represent the new average.It goes without saying that the advent of … Read more

Motorola Razr 2022: Everything we know so far

Samsung has been the most well-known brand in foldables for the past few years. While competitors have emerged in China and, to a lesser extent, around Europe, the Samsung Galaxy Z series has dominated the market for years by introducing upgrades and improved designs on a yearly basis. There are other clamshell phones that fold … Read more

Apple confirms it will create a USB-C iPhone, but the Lightning port may not completely disappear

Apple has stated that the iPhone will eventually embrace a USB-C charging port. After the European Union opted to require a uniform charging standard for devices like smartphones by the end of 2024, we knew that would be the case. Apple has now officially announced that it will be utilising the technology. Greg Joswiak, Apple’s … Read more

The best zombie games on Android in 2022

Halloween is the ideal time to dress up as Michael Myers to frighten your neighbours or just curl up and watch your favourite scary movies again. Additionally, it provides you a justification to pick up your preferred Android tablet and start playing some of the top horror games on Google’s platform. Horror takes various forms, … Read more

The Moto G Play 2022 is almost here as new leak highlights its design and hardware

This year, there has been a tonne of discussion regarding Motorola’s new foldable Razr. This week, the phone entered Europe for the first time after months of availability in China. There is currently no information on when or if the flagship will arrive in North America as of right now. However, the Lenovo-owned company doesn’t … Read more

5 Reasons Why Solar Power is growing in Australia

Australia has seen a sharp rise in interest in solar energy in recent years. With about 4,000 MW of solar installed between June 2020 and June 2021, the country’s rate of solar PV adoption is at an all-time high. Australia’s installed solar PV capacity increased to 22,295 MW as a result of these installations. About … Read more

7 Devastating Security Attacks and How to Protect Against Them

You may experience a number of deadly security attacks. You may comprehend and avoid a data breach by having a rudimentary understanding of the methods employed by hackers. Both small and major enterprises were affected by these attacks, which resulted in billions of dollars in losses. These assaults happened as a result of hardware and … Read more

How real estate photographers help build your business listing

Introduction  Real estate agents can sell your house to potential purchasers more quickly and for a higher price by using photos of your property shot by a professional photographer. Professional property photography is used by real estate brokers and agents to market their listings and enhance their identity. The sort of photography will, however, affect … Read more

I am stuck on MagSafe, because MagSafe isn’t stuck on my phone

It’s no secret that every company in the smartphone sector borrows concepts from competitors. Numerous recent iOS improvements by Apple have drawn influence from Android, while Google has also adopted a handful of Apple’s core ideas. These actions frequently lead to improved or evolved versions of the initial implementation, but occasionally they fail. However, there … Read more