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The best Android games for kids

Finding games for kids can be frustrating because many mobile games are designed to drain wallets rather than provide entertainment, especially when kids are involved. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of the top Android games for kids that won’t break the bank while yet providing hours of entertainment for all ages.

This compilation is for you if you’ve been searching through countless lists of the top Android games in search of the next exciting adventure for your child. We already put in the effort for you. There are some worthwhile games in AP’s selection of the top Android games for kids, so relax and enjoy it. And if your child need tactile controls for their mobile gaming sessions, pick up one of Android’s top controllers.

The best Android games for kids

1. Townscaper

In the sandbox game Townscaper, players construct stunning Italian cities in the middle of the sea. Simply tapping the screen to start building these beautiful communities is all it takes. Townscaper is a fantastic game for kids because it’s so simple that even a young child can play. There are no books to read, and no objectives. The game performs and looks fantastic. Don’t miss out on this fantastic game because it is suitable for all ages and is also hilarious. This is a potential classic.


2. Hidden Through Time

Hidden object games like Where’s Waldo are fantastic for kids. Similar games are offered by Hidden Through Time, however they feature smooth animations and require you to find multiple things in each round. Since this is a premium release, it can be obtained for a single purchase of $3, which is reasonable for a game that provides three to four hours of continuous gameplay. The art is fantastic, the puzzles are challenging (enough to keep kids of all ages interested), and since it is a premium release, it can be had for $3.

3. Deep Loot

The popularity of collection games is on the rise, but it can be difficult to discover games that won’t leave players broke. This is the reason why Deep Loot has enjoyed some success, especially with young people. The gameplay is reasonable and will satisfy your need for collecting without breaking the budget. The objective is to gather loot that can be exchanged for bigger fishing boats and improved diving suits, which is how the player advances by gradually increasing their equipment in their quest to find the best riches.


Given the collaboration of Duplo, LEGO, and Marvel for this game, the title of this brand-filled game may be perplexing. Teamwork is the key to any excellent superhero game. After playing all the available mini-games, you can purchase additional games. There is an optional subscription that gives access to each released mini-game if you don’t want to buy new ones as they are released.


There is a lot to enjoy here for fans of LEGO, Duplo, or Marvel that young children can easily handle. Many exciting scenarios depicting everyone’s favourite Marvel characters in Duplo/LEGO form may be found in its bite-sized playtime.

5. Pokémon Playhouse

Pokémon Playhouse, in contrast to the majority of Pokémon games on Android, is cost-free and geared toward kids. Children can engage with a variety of Pokémon while travelling to various areas. Even the grooming features are reminiscent to those in Tamagotchi video games. This non-serious exploration game includes a few mini-games and is geared toward youngsters between the ages of 3 and 5, making it the ideal introduction to the setting for toddlers who cannot read.

6. Molly of Denali: Learn About Nature and Community

PBS Kids created Molly of Denali – Go on an Alaskan Adventure as a companion piece to the station’s television programme of the same name. This children’s game features mini-games inspired around the show where the user explores nature and is aimed at kids between the ages of 4 and 8. There are no in-app purchases or adverts in this free download. Molly of Denali is a good option if you’re seeking for a fair game for kids between the ages of 4 and 8.


7. Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose

For kids aged 5 to 10, Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose is an instructive math game. There are many math concepts to learn in this book, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measures, and geometry. It is also free to download and use. Your child should be protected in this way regardless of their current level of education. If you want additional information, look through the remainder of Duck Duck Moose’s first-rate library.

8. Little Inferno

The most bizarre of the oddball mobile games offered by Tomorrow Corporation is Little Inferno, a game involving miniature fires in a fireplace. Success is frequently determined by trial and error, thus practically anyone can play, including young children. After all, who doesn’t enjoy setting things on fire, especially children? So instead of letting little Jimmy experiment with real matches and burn down your house, let the little demon indulge in his destructive fantasies by playing this odd but fun game.

9. Toca Kitchen 2

One of the publishers who sticks to their principles is Toca Boca. Its games are open-ended, free of in-app purchases, and gender neutral. Toca Kitchen 2, which has received the greatest attention, is, in our opinion, the ideal representation of its ethical design. Similar to Culinary Mama, it is a fun cooking game that lets kids experiment with any bizarre food pairing they can imagine and give it to an NPC for comedic outcomes.


10. Tornado Time Free

Although it is an older game, Tornado Time Free is a good one. Since there is only one stage and only one objective—to demolish as much of the town as you can—it is limited in scope. In essence, your goal is to destroy a tiny town in order to achieve the greatest score. Even though this setting is monotonous, we don’t think many kids will notice the lack of variety. Additionally, repeatedly destroying the village is a lot of fun. What youngster wouldn’t like that?

11. Gocco Zoo – Paint & Play

You can paint and raise zoo animals in the entertaining game Gocco Zoo. If creating new animal species appeals to you, you can do so. This game combines the enjoyment of a painting app with the satisfaction of looking after virtual pets. This game is for you, you crazy, if you like to feed animals and paint them with gorgeous colours.


An educational app called Starfall provides straightforward curriculum for users in pre-K through third grade. The programme offers a variety of games that explore well-known topics including reading, math, and singing. Playing this game requires an internet connection, therefore it’s best done at home. Starfall is a good option that won’t break the bank if your child is just learning their ABCs and 123s.


13. Pikmin Bloom

Niantic, a leader in AR technology, is well recognised for their augmented reality collection game Pokémon GO. Despite the fact that the majority of the studio’s games share a similar design, Pikmin Bloom differs slightly from the others. Think of this game as a fun step counter because it is all about walking and walking is the only objective. The fact that the entire thing is themed after Nintendo’s Pikmin series and that Pikmin will sprout from seedlings with each step you take makes it amusing.

14. LEGO City Explorers

A game that involves launching rockets, similar to Kerbal Space Program, is LEGO City Explorers. It is based on NASA and includes a tonne of movies of actual astronauts at work, which we would have adored as children. Additionally, it appears that the game connects to a select of LEGO’s retail models, which should increase the game’s level of engagement if you want to buy those particular items for your children.

15. PLAYMOBIL Mars Mission

Similar to LEGO, Playmobil frequently publishes free smartphone games as marketing for their line of block-building toys. PLAYMOBIL Mars Mission, one of these games that frequently delights players, certainly fits this criteria. Although a large portion of the gameplay is missions that require collecting things, it might be considered a form of teaching game. It’s a cute little game despite the rather monotonous gameplay, however we’re not sure how “educational” it really is. Your youngsters should, at the very least, enjoy themselves while exploring Mars in this PLAYMOBIL game.


16. Thinkrolls Space

Avokiddo is a reputable maker of kid-friendly games. Thinkrolls Space is still a unique game that few are familiar with, despite the developer not being as active as it once was. In this puzzle game, you fill in the gaps with vibrant heroes to advance through each round. With its straightforward controls and maze-like structure, any kid should enjoy playing this game on their own. Thinkrolls Space is a hidden gem that shouldn’t be passed up if you’re seeking for a funny and enjoyable activity for your child.

17. KIDS

Being that Kids is a peculiar little game with a maximum duration of thirty minutes, be aware that this game is more about the experience than it is about continuous gaming. However, what lies beneath the surface is priceless. The majority of people undoubtedly notice the simple yet spectacular black and white painting initially.

Moving with and against crowds is important to the gameplay, if you can call it that, in order to see which options clear the stage first. This is a fun little game to play around with just to see what happens because the mechanics are simple and the black-and-white cartoony style should appeal to kids.


Keep your child’s screen time in check with Android

Even though games are helpful for filling downtime, too much screen time might be bad for your child’s health. Finding healthful activities is healthier for the physical health and general wellbeing of both you and your child. Take a few minutes to configure Android’s Digital Wellbeing feature if you want to restrict screen time for yourself or your child. It’s a great method to limit binge-using your smartphone.

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