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The best productivity apps for Android in 2022

Which day of the week is the most productive for you? Is it at the start of the week when you feel rested after a long weekend, or is it at the conclusion of the week when you know you can sleep for the following few days? You’ll probably concur that the day isn’t nearly as productive as you’d like, regardless of what you’ve decided. There could be a number of causes for your inability to concentrate and your inability to complete all of the tasks you’d like to in a day, week, or month. There’s no need to be disheartened about it, though.

The good news is that you can work more efficiently and complete all of your short-term goals by using a variety of tools. With the apps listed below, you’ll have enough of time in the day to complete whatever you want to do and even have spare time to unwind or play some relaxing games.

The best productivity apps for Android in 2022
The best productivity apps for Android in 2022


It’s best practise to use a secure, one-time password for each website you enter into. But because it’s difficult to remember them all, this free tool enables you to manage and save them safely using cutting-edge end-to-end encryption. Additionally, you can use the app to automatically fill out your log information in other apps with just a single swipe, eliminating the need to copy and paste it.


You can file away secure notes, credit cards, identifications, and login information in addition to saving login information. You can easily generate passwords up to 128 characters long or passphrases up to 20 words long with Bitwarden’s password generator; modification options are provided for each kind to help you make them even more distinctive.

Simple Calendar

This app’s name says it all; it is a straightforward calendar with lots of customization options. The ad-free app has a little one-time cost under $2.00, but it’s totally worth it. There is a free version of Simple Calendar if you want to try out some of its basic features, but it lacks widgets, time zone support, email reminders, tasks, and colour customization. It’s also no longer updated.

You can sync your events with CalDAV if you use a different calendar, such as Microsoft Outlook, Samsung Calendar, Nextcloud, or Google Calendar. Events may also be added manually or by importing them via an ICS file. You can also sync the birthdays and anniversaries of your contacts if you provide Simple Calendar access to your contacts. It provides standard calendar views as well as monthly, daily, annual, and simple event list views.



This software uses the innovative technique of mind mapping to help you visualise your ideas and work with others in real-time, so if you learn best visually, you’re likely to enjoy it. It’s ideal for generating ideas, taking notes, organising projects, and a variety of other activities where you’d like to have the overall picture presented in a lovely graphical manner. You can make up to maps with a Basic account that is free. You can change the text style and map theme for each one individually.

You may enrich your mind map by including links, notes, tasks, opinions, files, icons, emojis, and photographs in addition to adding sibling and child thoughts to your main theme. You can drag and drop new subjects and ideas to reorder their appearance on your map after adding them. For individuals who desire infinite mind maps and other specialised capabilities, MindMeister offers three monthly plans: Personal, Pro, and Business. The Personal plan is ideal for single users, whilst the Pro plan works well for groups.

Solid Explorer

Thanks to its multiple themes and colour schemes, this file manager accomplishes everything and is pretty appealing. You may manage files on an SD card, USB OTG, the cloud, in addition to your local data, and files are also automatically grouped into collections. Numerous cloud services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, SugarSync, and OneDrive, are supported with Solid Explorer. Utilizing plugins, you can additionally increase its capabilities. There is a 14-day free trial period after which you will no longer have access to premium features and the app will start to display advertisements.


Files can be viewed in one of four ways: list, grid, gallery, or compact. There are four options for sorting as well: name, date, size, and kind. Files and folders can also be shared, archived, hidden, encrypted (using strong AES encryption), and added to the app’s favourites section. To transfer files and folders to a different device, such as a computer, you may even set up an FTP server inside the programme.


This software is for you if you take a lot of notes or want a convenient location to save all kinds of digital documents. Evernote is a well-known productivity programme that began as a straightforward digital notebook but has since evolved into much more. You can use the programme to record and store tasks, pictures, drawings, files, and audio in addition to taking notes. These elements can then be arranged into unique notebooks.

Although Evernote is available for free, it does have some restrictions. If you want more from the app, you can upgrade to the Personal or Professional plan. When you upgrade, you’ll have significantly more storage space for monthly uploads, a larger note size, task management, Google calendar sync, access to the app’s home screen customization features, and PDF annotation capabilities.



Projects, objectives, desires, and goals abound in life, many of which you probably can’t recall. You can keep track of these tasks and get reminders when to complete them with the help of TickTick, a feature-rich task manager with an intuitive interface. Tasks can also be arranged using tags and unique lists. You can view an overview of your tasks on a calendar in addition to seeing them as a list.

While many users may find the free version of TickTick enough, upgrading to Premium makes a number of useful features available. You’ll first gain access to collaboration tools that let you share lists and assign tasks to members of your family, your friends, or your company. Along with that, you’ll have access to sophisticated widgets like the Eisenhower matrix, habits, monthly, and timeline views on your device’s home screen. To aid in concentration, Premium also offers premium themes, white noise settings, and a Pomodoro timed tool.

Google Drive

You’re probably already familiar with Google Drive because it’s one of the most widely used cloud-based storage options. All forms of files and documents from Google’s own services, including Docs, Sheets, and Slides, can be stored there without any problems. Then, wherever you are, you may access those files and documents. The default capacity for all accounts (across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos) is 15 GB; however, the programme offers the option to purchase more storage.


These app’s strongest attributes are its file sharing and teamwork capabilities. Any file on your disc can be shared directly via a link, and you can decide whether to limit access to certain people or just those who have the link. You can sync part or all of your folders and access them on your Android device if you also use the Google Drive software on your PC, ensuring you always have access to them.


This one-of-a-kind, ad-supported file organiser stands out thanks to its incredibly customisable user interface. You may rapidly copy and move files from one pane to another using the dual-panel explorer. It enables viewing and managing files over the cloud, USB OTG, and SD Card, just like Solid Explorer. In addition to Mega, pCloud, MediaFire, OneDrive, and Dropbox, it supports 11 other cloud storage services.

There are many alternatives available for file transfers between devices, including LAN, FTP, SSH, Wifi, and DLNA. Additionally, the file management features of X-plore, including the ability to view, rename, share, duplicate, hide, and compress files, are sure to be useful. Six more functions can even be unlocked by making an in-app donation. The disc map view, which displays your entire drive in graphical form and classifies files by size so you can see which ones are taking up the most space, is the last option.



Your Android device’s default keyboard may occasionally be deficient in productivity-enhancing features that would improve your typing accuracy and speed. SwiftKey is a chic keyboard application that works well. It has all the keyboard functions you would anticipate and perhaps those you didn’t know you needed. For instance, you can alter the layout, go to incognito mode, resize the keyboard, and select your favourite keyboard mode.

If you can’t find anything you like in the stunning portfolio of free keyboard themes, you may also make your own. Swiftkey’s typing capabilities include flow or gesture input, autocorrect, quick prediction insert, quick period, auto-capitalize, auto-space, and quick delete. You can see how much the app has improved your mobile typing by using the built-in stats.

Loop Habit Tracker

Everybody struggles to keep at least one habit they would like to. You may easily establish and maintain healthy behaviours with the help of this free software that is straightforward to use. The thorough graphs also enable you to monitor your development so that you can see how you’ve progressed over time and are inspired to keep practising. Six helpful homescreen widgets are included in the Loop Habit Tracker to help you keep track of things like your habit frequency, history, streaks, and more.


You can develop two different types of habits: ones that are measurable and can be answered with a yes or no question (for example, did you read today?). The programme also rates each habit according to its strength using a sophisticated calculation. Your score will drop if you skip one or more days because consistency is a major component. You can schedule reminders for a specified time each day if you’re concerned that you’ll forget to practise a habit. Reminders can be made sticky in the app’s settings so that you can’t swipe them away and must respond to them in order to delete them.


Finally, we have an email app called Spark, which isn’t like other email apps. You can regulate your Inbox thanks to its excellent features and lack of cost. When you activate the Smart Inbox function, the software gathers emails from all added accounts and categorises them for you automatically (e.g., personal, notifications, newsletters). If you’d rather use the conventional inbox, Smart Inbox can be turned off.

You can schedule emails to be sent later, snooze emails you’re not prepared to address, and pin critical emails using Spark. By notifying you of any critical unread emails that you might have missed, it also aids in keeping you organised. Additionally, you can programme follow-up notifications to alert you if you don’t hear back from your message by a particular day and time.


It’s never too late to get productive

It doesn’t have to be difficult for you to increase your productivity. The best things in life need effort, so it will take some experimenting to determine which applications are ideal for you. It will be worthwhile in the end since you’ll have your priorities in order and have more time for your family and yourself.

There is no better time to start than right now. Which of the aforementioned apps are you going to use in order to increase your productivity and efficiency?

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