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14 Social Media Video Content Makers for Freelancers 

Every social media site you are aware of has user-generated video on it. While some of these are well-edited and staged, others are just raw films. For the latter, a crucial aspect is still how things go and what people utilise.

Many people have received help in generating videos for various social media platforms thanks to some apps and web platforms. We will clarify 14 of them that apply to independent contractors worldwide. Apart from the video you generate, you won’t need to download anything in the majority of them.

Here are several tools to aid you in creating something better, so think again before posting that video to Facebook or Instagram.

14 Social Media Video Content Makers for Freelancers 

Doratoon – The 2022 Social Media Videos Solution 

A web-based tool called Doratoon has emerged to facilitate quick and simple video creation. The platform has achieved this by being web-based and offering a variety of features that make it possible to produce videos more quickly.

So long as you have a device with internet access, you may create movies for social media from anywhere. After a brief sign-up, Doratoon walks you through the process using the many accessible templates.

There are tutorials on how to do everything as well as categories for the various videos you can create. You’ll see that this platform is simple if you’ve previously generated videos utilising other tools.


Only the necessary text, characters, and animations need to be dragged and dropped. Additionally, you can upload any files you need to edit the videos. The templates are available to give you a starting point if you don’t want to start from scratch.

Additionally, you may design animations and object routes, add background music, and export content directly to social network groups. To find out more about the kind of social media videos you can make and the platforms to use, go here.

Adobe Spark 

For individuals who prefer web-based tools, Adobe Spark also makes competent social media videos. To access all the features needed to finish the assignment, you must subscribe.


The content can be created, edited, and imported. Accessing the libraries for fonts, graphics, and themes is another aspect of that. If you run out of original ideas, you might also start by altering a template.

Once you start editing the videos, it will be worth the time to learn how to use it.


You may create videos for social media and publish them instantly with Ripl. You can access the template and picture library after creating an account. Freelancers and creators are typically drawn to it since you can post on many social media sites without downloading.


You can choose from a variety of typefaces and colour schemes to make the movie your own. You can also include your own media, such audio recordings and music. When the video is prepared, you have the option of posting it immediately or setting a timer.

The performance of the video after it has been released can also be examined.


If you’re a Windows user and wish to download a social media video maker app, try Filmora9. Starting with the user-friendly interface, it is easy to operate.


Before sharing it on social media, you can add green-screen effects, edit the sound, and import video resources for use. When you join one of the plans, you can use the effects indefinitely.

The individual plan is only available for a one-time charge. After then, the updates will be provided without charge.


You may test out the features of Wave.video with its free plan. The drag-and-drop interface can be used to finish a video as quickly as feasible. However, the free version only allows you to make ten movies.


You will need to pay $20 per month for the creative or business plan membership in order to remove the restriction. When exporting the video, it only takes a few clicks, and you can scale it to fit the desired social media site.


Another online tool for creating social media films is called Animoto. While making the video, you can click or drag and drop on the interface. You only need to create an account to get started.

You can adapt the templates to the type of video you wish to use as a reference. Additionally, there are a tonne of images, typefaces, and stylistic possibilities in the collection. Therefore, you need this platform to make videos for Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.



Canva is the one-stop shop for all of your creation needs before sharing anything online. The layouts, graphics, typefaces, and everything else you import can be used to create films.

Before exporting the films, you can resize and modify the templates. Designing cards, flyers, and other presentation formats is another aspect of that. The majority of users are drawn to Canva by its extensive library.


Although using InShot is free, there are in-app purchases available. In order to remove the watermarks from your movie before posting, you must upgrade it as well. When you have the app, you can edit your movies to fit the specifications of various social networking platforms.


The application is available for iOS and Android. You can use it to make simple social media videos that nonetheless attract the viewers you want to your accounts.


You will see that Canva and VistaCreate are identical if you have previously used Canva. The user-friendly layout and functionality are pretty comparable. To assist you in getting started, there is a library of templates, pictures, and animations.

Additionally, importing your materials is not a problem. You can resize the video and choose from more than 2000 animated objects to further personalise it. You can use it to make videos for websites and blogs in addition to social media.


Adobe Premiere Rush 

You may create social media movies with the help of several tools from Adobe. You can make films that work on any social media network, including Facebook and YouTube, thanks to the robust capabilities of this version. It’s fairly thorough, but that’s to be expected with Adobe products.

If you require the Pro versions with more features and tools, you’ll also need some serious cash. Adobe Rush, on the other hand, will make up for it with features like music mixing and motion graphics.

Additionally, you can include colour, background images, music, and fonts. The video can be adjusted in size to fit your social media platforms.



With a free plan, MotionDen provides you with a social media video producer. On the site, you may edit and customise your movies, and there are several themes to help you.

You can use them to make explainer videos, video commercials, presentations, and other types of videos if you’re targeting social media sites. There are restrictions on the free plan, so you must subscribe to access more.

You have the option of paying $9 per video—a hefty price—or $29 per month.



One of the best options to take into account if you want to create animated social media videos is Animaker. Animaker includes editable templates and animated characters for that. You can omit sound entirely or substitute background music.

Whiteboard videos that are animated and GIF design are additional features. Dealing with films and ideas that need to be put into action is simple because to the drag-and-drop protocol. You can export in the format of your choice as well.


A social media video maker that enables online clip creation is Moovly. You may create tutorials, advertisements, explainer videos, and more with the help of its templates. No matter what niche you are pursuing, the templates will still be effective for you.


Clicking and dragging and dropping are primarily used for customization and editing. Additionally, you can import files, apply custom fonts and colours, and convert text to speech. Additionally, there are white labelling options and a format selection option.


Our final suggestion on this list is VidLab, which many people use to make Facebook advertising. Facebook may have stated that in its analysis of it as the ideal way to create advertisements for the significant social platform.

The programme supports multiple video tracking, overlaying, and multi-clipping. Additionally, you can include matching musical accompaniment, shapes, objects, and sound effects to the video. Do you enjoy video filters? Using VidLab, you can also accomplish that.


You can use the platform to post the video immediately to Facebook and Instagram after creating it.


These are the 14 possibilities available to freelancers for social media video creators. To discover how simple it is to finish your social media clip, start with Doratoon. It costs nothing to sign up, and the subscription plans won’t affect you any more than the current economic climate.

The others are also superior substitutes. You are no longer justified in sharing a subpar video on social media.

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