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Tower of Fantasy beginner’s guide: Getting started on the planet of Aida

One of the best Android games to date, Genshin Impact, is visually similar to the open-world MMO gacha game Tower of Fantasy. However, after taking a closer look at Tower of Fantasy, we can confidently say that it is a completely different animal. The game draws players into its science fiction fantasy universe, where you’ll meet a diverse array of characters inside an emotionally charged tale, while emphasising an ever-evolving fighting system. Tower of Fantasy touches on a variety of topics. More importantly, you can play with your pals without needing a high-end Android phone thanks to the game’s multiplayer focus.

Techy Thief is here to help with a detailed introduction on how to get to grips with these early systems, setting up your account for the first time, the ins and outs of exploration and story, while breaking down the combat and fundamental gameplay features. Mobile MMOs and gacha games are not afraid to throw in a bunch of grindy and confusing systems to keep players busy.

Tower of Fantasy beginner’s guide: Getting started on the planet of Aida

Getting started with Tower of Fantasy

You’ll set up an account linked to your email, but you can alternatively select a different method of access (Twitter, Facebook, Google, Line, and as a guest). Click Register Now, then enter your password and email address. You’ll need to enter a verification code in order to confirm your information.


Character development

Your Tower of Fantasy avatar will be the character you create. The following character customization options are available to you: hairstyles, eyes, body type, and additional facial features/clothing.

If the thought of customising a character overwhelms you, you can choose a preset from the default or most-used list or touch on Lobby to see what other people have come up with. Please take note that choosing another user’s uploaded work will import the data immediately.

When you’re finished customising the character, press Complete and choose Ok to save and use this appearance.


Server selection

There is no cross-play across servers; servers are divided by location, and once you choose a server, you cannot play with other players on that server. Prior to playing, we advise organising and arranging your principal server.


You can choose your language preferences, sound preferences, camera preferences and camera sensitivity, display options, resolution, FPS, and view controller mapping (re-mapping is not yet available). If you’re using a controller, we advise looking at the controller mapping and setting your FPS to the most that your device can reliably deliver.

Don’t stress about finding the ideal settings right away; you can always adjust them later when in the main menu.


Story and exploration, how to get started in Aida

After a brief tutorial, you’ll wake up and get to choose your character’s or username. You are now ready to explore Aida after selecting your character or login.

The plot is continued through completing quests; once you’ve decided on your preferred navigation/exploration method during the tutorial, you’ll automatically move to the next quest sign.

You are free to roam the map at your leisure, utilising a jetpack to travel from low to high ground (be warned that it takes a while to cool down after usage), gathering stuff, cooking, and hunting for chests on top of structures and near monster encampments (note that some chests are shared among players, but these chests will respawn).


Opening your map will show your exploration progress in the bottom-right corner. Tower of Fantasy encourages exploration. When you tap on a region, your exploration progress is displayed. There, you can claim incentives when you hit certain milestones. Rewards can include upgrade materials, Dark Crystals, and Gold Nuclei.

The rapid travel method (such as Spacerift locations), sprinting (which doesn’t deplete endurance while sprinting), and riding mounts are all options for getting around the map. For vertical movement to land on platforms, reach floating objects, and fly to high terrain, you’ll need to use your jetpack.

Gameplay basics to hit the ground running

While engaged in combat, targets are automatically locked. You can evade, make a standard attack (tap), make a charge attack (hold), aim down sights on some weapons, and use a weapon skill. You can switch between weapons with ease, time stops if you execute a perfect dodge, and changing weapons releases strong talents.


To defeat adversaries, you’ll combine your various weapon strikes and talents. Tower of Fantasy likewise relies on flying and using the air to launch weapon strikes. In comparison to other ARPGs, the fighting will feel “floaty,” but using technology in the air to chain together your weapon combinations can conserve your endurance and eliminate the need to dodge.


You’ll familiarise yourself with a role while playing on a team, as is expected from conventional MMO methods. Your function will be determined by your choice of weapons. Benediction resonance is gained by pairing two support weapons, assault resonance by matching two DPS weapons, and fortitude resonance by pairing two defence weapons.

In team play situations, following a single role is more simpler than opting for balance. It is a good idea to have at least one dedicated healer and a tank, therefore you should consider equipping the benediction resonance and fortitude resonance, respectively. The boosts make it simpler to zone into a reliable role.



While you are exploring and fighting, elements are important. Only the correct element will remove obstacles from the map; if you don’t have it, you may locate elemental bombs to help you. In the global version, there are only four elements: fire, ice, physical, and volt. You should always keep one of each type upgraded and accessible for swapping because each of your weapons is associated with an element. When in doubt about which element to use in a fight, we advise bringing physical (which isn’t really an element) due to its adaptability, low cooldowns, and respectable DPS scaling.

Shatter and charge

You’ll research components and weapon specialisations once you’ve decided on the resonance you want to shoot for. There will be an element in every weapon, and some will allow element resonance for added extra benefits. If you are better at shatter or charge, you will have different weapon specialisations. Any shatter or charge value greater than ten indicates that your weapon excels in that particular sub-role. Shield breaking is made possible by shatter-based weaponry; if you utilise a shatter-focused weapon, the opposing shield will be broken more quickly. The energy gauge for your other weapons, which are utilised to unleash your skills, is topped off when you attack using charged-based weapons.

Considering that disabling the enemy’s shields may save everyone from taking a fatal hit, you should try to string together shatter and charge attacks. Other weapons, however, need unleashing talents to carry out necessary functions like buffs and heals, so you’ll want a high uptime on those energy gauges. When engaging in a challenging boss battle, having shatter and charge weapons at your disposal will be quite helpful.


Simulacrums and weapons, exploring Tower of Fantasy’s gacha mechanics

You will obtain “Simulacra” characters’ weapons in order to gather them. Simulacra are only the personae that will be used on your acquired weaponry. Your weaponry and the way you personalise your loadout are the key points of emphasis in Tower of Fantasy. Effects are produced by weapons, and resonance is unlocked when synergistic weapons are combined (bonuses for elements and skills). You’ll connect SR and SSR weapons together the majority of the time; there are only three rarities: rare (R), secret rarity (SR), and super secret rarity (SSR) (SSR). The difficulty of obtaining a weapon increases with rarity. A powered-up Simulacrum also enables characteristics, which are passive abilities that enhance your weapons and allow you to play a particular way for the team (e.g., tank, support, shield break, and dealing damage).

How the gacha system works

After finishing the Ecological Station story quest, you’ll be able to pull on gacha banners (caches), which will take you directly to ordering a weapon tutorial where you’ll get the SR Thunderous Halberd.

Open your menu, then tap Special Orders to access the banners.


Weapons or matrices are how banners are classified. For the majority of the game, you’ll probably summon weapon banners because Matrices need specialised vouchers and proof of purchase materials, which are found in stores, events, and exploration milestones.

On the weapon banner, you can summon Black Nucleus, Gold Nucleus, Red Nucleus, and Matrix chips using three different forms of cash. Your Dark Crystals can also be transformed into Gold and Red Nuclei (150 Dark Crystals for 1 Gold or Red Nucleus). Since Red Nuclei are only utilised on temporary weapon banners and are considerably harder to come by, we strongly advise only converting your Dark Crystals into them.

At 80 pulls, you are guaranteed an SSR; however, using Black Nucleus for summoning will not count against your pity. The pity counter does not reset if you hit an SSR before your 80th draw, therefore you are still assured of receiving another SSR at that pull. If you exclude Black Nucleus, SRs are at least guaranteed every 10 pulls, so try to practise storing up for 10 pulls each session.


SSR weapon box

If you’re playing during launch, you can choose a starter SSR for free from the following lists while also receiving a gift pack called a “SSR weapon box” (700 points milestone reward):

  • Dual EM Stars,
  • Absolute Zero Chakram of the Seas
  • Icewind Arrow
  • Negating Cube Rosy
  • Edge Scythe of the Crow Thunderblades
  • Molten Shield V2

Your initial SSR can be whatever you want to try out or if you have a planned synergy for your team as you’ll eventually gain more SSRs as you summon on the rate-up banners. Nemesis and Samir (Dual EM Stars) are a well-liked initial choice for a support/DPS tandem for volt teams. Otherwise, you can decide whether you want to specialise as a support, tank, or DPS main.

How to become stronger in Tower of Fantasy’s world

You’ll see that doing story missions, completing daily bounties, and using vitality will all reward you with a lot of experience points. You’ll eventually level up more quickly than anyone else. Unfortunately, level spiking slows down the progression of your entire account, leaving you swiftly outclassed if you can’t keep up with upgrades and gather synergistic SSRs. You are forced into a situation where you must perform better than the advised average Combat Score since enemies and bosses scale with your level.


What is Combat Score and how to increase it

The designation “Combat Score” is dependent on the equipment and weaponry used. You must update your gear if you want to raise your combat score. Each weapon has a unique Combat Score that indicates which weapons should be prioritised when farming weapon mats. The next step is to examine your matrices; each weapon has four spaces for matrices to be equipped. It’s imperative to work on SR and SSR matrices’ outfitting and enhancement if you want your weaponry to significantly advance. Raising your Combat Score requires upgrading your weapons.

While improving your suppressor raises your combat score as well, you must first meet a certain combat score level. This should therefore come after practising with your weapons as a priority. Additionally, you can equip and level up armour to raise your combat score. Avoid investing excessively in low-rarity armour (start with purples) because you’ll be able to farm more as you finish tasks.

During the process of upgrading your armour components, a level will transfer to the new upgrade once you have confirmed the transfer. Since you receive an additional boost if all of your equipped slots are at the same level, we advise levelling up every component at the same time.


How to get to your Artificial island

When it comes to assisting F2P players and light spenders to add more resources to their accounts, The Artificial island, which was introduced in version 1.5, is your new best buddy. In essence, you are adding facilities to a basic home to enable the production of materials for modifications. Possibly the greatest benefit received is the opportunity to acquire SSR Matrix chips.

glimpse of the manmade island in Tower of Fantasy

Version 1.5 of Tower of Fantasy Twitter sneak peek


How to get started with your Artificial island

Unfortunately, until you’ve completed the requirements, you can’t reach the Artificial island. Accepting the mission from Kalador, which is displayed under your Special Operations menu > Artificial Island, requires you to be at least level 50. By getting aboard the jet at Banges’ dock, you can travel to the Artificial island.

You cannot construct anything until you have either explored 50% of the interior map or gained level 60. Although reaching levels 50 and 60 to unlock build mode may seem difficult, the global version frequently has 500% EXP server boosts, thus if server boosts are enabled in your channel, it will only take a few days to get there.

Building your facilities

The Artificial island is important to you since you want to get your facilities up and running and then upgrade them to the highest level. Real-time construction requires several months to complete in its entirety.


Go to the main menu and select Build > Go > Ok to begin building.

Your buildings cannot be manually laid down; each one has a predetermined placement. Each building will require interaction from you and material feeding to start construction.

Your top priority should be to raise the Development Center’s level so that you can raise the Workstations’ level cap. Your Workstations increase the number of workers (there are many kinds), increasing productivity for resource collection. To get the necessary materials for levels and upgrades, you must kill monsters near your camp (remember, common enemies respawn every three days, and bosses are every seven).


You must physically gather your resources because workstations can only keep them for a maximum of 24 hours.

The best daily routine in Tower of Fantasy

Sometimes you can’t play for hours at a time, so you have to be efficient with your time to stay ahead. We’ve outlined the daily schedule below that each player ought to think about before logging out:

Finish your daily quests.


Even if it’s merely on weapon mats, use your vitality.

starting a Claire’s Dream machine sequence and completing it (at random).

In the Bygone Phantasm, clear a few floors.


Be a part of Wormhole.

It’s simple to go behind, particularly in an MMO where increasing Combat Score is necessary to stay up with the material. Your Combat Score will increase if you regularly farm materials and nuclei while upgrading and acquiring new SSRs and materials through gacha. To actually stay up, you will still need to work on your artificial island, battle pass levels, and defeat creatures, bosses, and explore. We made a priority list because on certain days, we might only have 30 minutes to play.

How to travel to Vera

We now have access to a new planet, Vera, thanks to Tower of Fantasy 2.0. In the original game, new players could visit Vera before finishing the plot, but doing so might jeopardise your ability to fully immerse yourself in the narrative.


There are two routes to reach Vera

The first is completing the epilogue quest and all six chapters of the Asperia storyline. The second option is a shortcut that begins the Connect to Vera sector quest before skipping the plot. You can enter the central city of Mirroria and the surrounding desert region after you’ve followed the dialogue and action sequences.

Vera coins and gachapons

The cyberpunk-style centre Mirroria offers daily minigames and gachapon machines that are entertaining. You can find both Mira and Old Vera gacha coins while exploring Vera. Gachapon machines can be found carrying goodies like SSR matrices and Dark Crystals. To clear the reward pool, we strongly advise concentrating on just one gachapon machine at a time; Samir matrices offer the best value for DPS (particularly Volt teams) and have the highest value if you don’t already have any; otherwise, we advise opting for Crow matrices.

How to get more Mira and Old Vera coins

You can find Mira lying around in the desert area (in Vera) and collect Old Vera coins by completing your bounties, just like you would in a Mario game. You can also find the currency by using your keys to unlock password chests.


It is believed that you would use the money to buy Dark Crystals from the gachapons since Vera’s supply pods won’t provide you any.

Training Center

The Training Center is now accessible from the main menu. You can access exploratory training via this, but the Weapon Trial training is the best option. You can choose to test the weapon that is displayed on the rate-up banner at the moment. Before using up your Red Nuclei, we advise trying out the featured weapon to get a sense of the playstyle.

Explorations tips for Vera

  • The more Spacerifts you open, the more Vera bounties will appear throughout the map.
  • Use your mount to move around, but stay clear of the quicksand.
  • Use your jetpack to hop once while flying to gain height if you encounter Black Nucleus above quicksand; this will give you enough fuel to land outside the quicksand area.
  • Build your Cybernetic Arm (SR relic) if you haven’t already; it acts as a grappling hook that allows you to latch onto surfaces, which is quite useful for climbing to higher ground.
  • Handling the Surveillance Guard involves backing away, aiming your cybernetic arm once it turns open or blue, and tapping on it to get rewarded.
  • Supply pods that are locked by elements must be unlocked by eliminating the floating objects using an elemental weapon.
  • Ruin Stones come in pairs and have tiny designs; utilise your camera’s depth perception features to piece the image together. When you are almost to the final alignment, the design starts glowing.
  • When you uncover a blue password chest, use five keys; you’ll get five times the benefits and probably already have a stockpile of these keys.

Tower of Fantasy is a versatileMMO/gacha game

That allows for custom playstyles thanks to the opportunity to explore an exciting universe with your friends. Although it adds motivation on top of the MMO experience, the gacha features have a significant influence on the upgrade systems and SSR collection game. Tower of Fantasy attempts to balance around having built up resources accumulated over time, so thankfully the MMO and gacha crossover isn’t a complete failure. For daily exploring and following the featured events, players receive rewards. With the release of Tower of Fantasy 2.0, we now have a brand-new planet to explore and a new cast of characters to get to know. Because of this, even if you’re a brand-new player to Tower of Fantasy, you can immediately start playing the most recent content, which is why we’ve included the Tower of Fantasy app below.

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