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The best zombie games on Android in 2022

Halloween is the ideal time to dress up as Michael Myers to frighten your neighbours or just curl up and watch your favourite scary movies again. Additionally, it provides you a justification to pick up your preferred Android tablet and start playing some of the top horror games on Google’s platform.

Horror takes various forms, including tales of ghosts and the paranormal as well as slashers, monsters, and the perennial favourite, zombies. So that everyone can find something that meets their zombie-killing demands, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the top zombie games available for Android in 2022. This list includes both cool free-to-play games and premium experiences.

The best zombie games on Android in 2022

Dead Ahead

If a zombie outbreak occurred, what would you do? It appears that the protagonist of Dead Ahead intends to flee on a scooter. He also intends to wheelie over as many zombies as he can. Strive to avoid obstacles, leap over ramps, and slay zombies as you try to reach the highest score possible by controlling the hero and his scooter. The further you get in Dead Ahead, the more obstacles you will face.


Not to worry, though; points may be used to buy nicer wheels, including dirt motorcycles and choppers, guns, and even places with higher rewards. Dead Ahead’s enticing visual aesthetic and frantic action will entice you back for more races.

Dead Trigger 2

Forget about exploding zombies, speedy zombies, or zombies who are big and heavy. How about skyscraper-sized zombies? Greetings from Dead Trigger 2. You must not only take care of yourself in this post-apocalyptic first-person shooter, but you must also aid fellow survivors by shooting zombies in the face with a variety of weapons.

Fortunately, the majority of them repay the favour by cooperating with your base of operations and producing useful materials. Utilizing virtual on-screen controllers, you may direct your figure through abandoned ruins. Utilize a variety of weaponry to fend against zombies, and aid survivors in need to perhaps make new friends.


In contrast to Dead Ahead and its follow-up, Dead Trigger 2 has a more sombre tone.

Death Road to Canada

The end of the world actually occurred! According to reports, there is just one safe location on Earth remaining after zombies caught everyone off guard. Drive a motley crew of survivors through the perilous highways between Florida and Canada.

In the action role-playing game Death Road to Canada, you fight swarms of flesh-eating monsters while dealing with the undead. To increase your offensive potential, you can enlist new characters. However, it has a drawback in that each figure uses important supplies and needs a weapon.


Although Death Road to Canada costs $9.99, it is also a part of the Play Pass membership. Additionally, you receive jokes that were actually written by Canadians, ensuring that your trip to Canada will be genuinely funny.

Adventure on Death Road to Canada with Noodlecake

The cost is $9.99. Download


Doomsday: Last Survivors

In the isometric adventure game Doomsday, you are thrust into a world overrun by the undead. It clearly draws inspiration from well-known titles in the genre, like The Last of Us and Lollipop Chainsaw. An example of a group you take control of might be one that includes a brazen youngster sporting a baseball cap and a grumpy middle-aged man with a fluffy beard. That certainly sounds like Joel and Ellie. You also encounter a lively girl wearing a school uniform early on who uses a pink… chainsaw to cut down zombies.

You have regular confrontations with zombies, and you can employ standard weapons and character-specific skills.


The Android game Dysmantle has received a lot of great reviews so far on the Play Store. Get ready to participate in practically all aspects of a zombie apocalypse survival, from gathering food and cooking it to hunting and scavenging.


The ability to shatter and salvage materials from nearly any object is the key selling feature of the game. As you inevitably set out to explore the post-apocalyptic wasteland, you can transform materials into weapons and supplies to assist you fend off the zombies.

Dysmantle is another pricey title for a mobile game, coming in at $9.99. Nevertheless, it’s a modest cost to pay to never encounter an ad or in-app purchase.

Into the Dead 2

A father makes a valiant effort to return home to his family in Into the Dead 2. He faces seemingly endless waves of the undead, and it’s your job to lead him across barren plains and gloomy woodlands while avoiding peril.


As you conquer levels and other obstacles, additional weapons will become available for you to use in self-defense. By hiding wealth between hordes of monsters, Into the Dead 2 achieves an excellent balance between danger and reward. Do you flee for your life? or take the chance of dying while attempting to seize valuables? You have a decision, and if you make the wrong one, you’ll die.

State of Survival: Zombie War

State of Survival is an isometric adventure game that functions similarly to Doomsday. In fact, it’s incredible that the same studio didn’t create both games. You are in control of a small group of survivors in State of Survival who have formed a village. You must enlarge the community, gather food for them to eat, and rid the region of zombies to secure their safety. Similar to Doomsday, you can use both standard weapons and special abilities that are specific to each character, including gun turrets, grenades, and a lot more.

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

No Man’s Land, an officially licenced video game adaptation of the show, includes significant figures from the Walking Dead franchise. Alternatively said, anticipate that individuals like Daryl, Merle, Abraham, and a host of others will eventually support your cause.


You advance in the game by meeting the conditions, such as eliminating all the zombies or gathering all the supplies. Combat takes place on a grid-based area. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land is essentially a strategy game with a tonne of grindy stuff to do while you assemble your team.

The Walking Dead Survivors

There should be multiple mentions of The Walking Dead. With the Survivors this time. Survivors, an isometric tower defence game based on the franchise, allows you to recruit characters and defend your community against invasions by ever-larger hordes of zombies. Characters from the series, including as Glenn, Rick, Shane, and many others, are also present in Survivors. In this tactical tower defence game, you can hopefully recruit them to help you strengthen your base of operations, build guard towers, and repair the surrounding walls in order to survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

Compared to Dead Ahead, Zombie Warfare employs a more strategic approach. You are in charge of an armoured bus and a crew of survivors in this sequel. Driving the bus through the wasteland populated by zombies, purging it of the living dead, and replenishing your supplies are your objectives. The tempo of Zombie Warfare is slower. In most levels, you send your troops to a barricade to destroy it so that the bus can proceed. Naturally, zombies won’t just let you do that, so each level turns into a race to clear the way while defending your bus from attacks.


What’s your favorite zombie game?

Free-to-play zombie games are abundant on Android, led by games like Into the Dead 2 and Dead Ahead. But Death Road to Canada and Dysmantle are the best if you’re ready to spend around 10 pounds.

Any of the games on our list have you played? Is your preferred absent? If you mention it in the comments section below, we might include it in the upcoming release. And one of the best controllers for Android can come in handy if you want to play these zombie games with tactile controls.

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