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Apple confirms it will create a USB-C iPhone, but the Lightning port may not completely disappear

Apple has stated that the iPhone will eventually embrace a USB-C charging port. After the European Union opted to require a uniform charging standard for devices like smartphones by the end of 2024, we knew that would be the case. Apple has now officially announced that it will be utilising the technology.

Greg Joswiak, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, discussed the technology in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. Naturally, we’ll have to cooperate; we have no alternative, Joswiak added. Apple stated to Reuters in 2021 that it anticipates the transition away from Lightning cables to result in an increase in e-waste. Additionally, it was stated that the action “stifles rather than encourages innovation.”

“The Europeans are the ones defining scheduling for European customers,” Joswiak remarked when asked about a schedule for which iPhone will experience the switchover first. According to European law, Apple must make the changeover by the end of 2024, so it will probably release one more generation of iPhones before doing so. The iPhone model for 2024 might change, or it might wait until 2025.


However, the way Joswiak phrased the situation with European clients is intriguing. Could it be that Apple will save the Lightning adaptor for other areas, like the US, and only feature the USB-C connector on phones sold in the area? Even though it would be a challenging process, Apple may ultimately decide against including USB-C on all smartphones. It’s possible that we’re reading too much into Joswiak’s words there, but it sounds like the corporation might choose this course.

Before adopting USB-C, some have predicted that the iPhone may convert to a portless design. Joswiak’s remarks make it clear that Apple is unhappy with this decision. It appears that the company will keep making public statements about it and how it feels about the European Union’s actions in the region. Within the next two years, an iPhone with a USB-C connector is anticipated, though availability may depend on where you live.

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