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How to Leverage Advertising in a Populous City

There are numerous marketing strategies and solutions available to you if you want to advertise in a populated metropolis like New York, LA, Chicago, Boston, or Tulsa. The only advertising available in rural or suburban regions is on huge billboards along major thoroughfares. Some sparsely populated rural areas lack advertisements because the number of potential impressions would be too low to generate a profit. Fortunately, when advertising in a big city, business owners nearly always get a return on their investment. In an urban setting, there are many distinctive advertising types and places, but some are more advantageous than others.


The price of an advertisement in metropolitan areas varies according to its size and the potential number of impressions. Costs tend to be higher in areas with increased foot traffic. For instance, Tulsa billboards will cost more money in touristy regions. These places include Woodward Park, the Center of the Universe, the Blue Whale of Catoosa, the Oklahoma Aquarium, and the Tulsa Zoo. The majority of Tulsa billboards are positioned thoughtfully along Interstates 44, 244, 75, and 169. The best location for Tulsa billboards for the general public or workers from around Oklahoma who commute into the city for work is along major roads.

You might also choose to use billboards situated close to colleges, airports, or sports stadiums, depending on your target market. While Tulsa billboards placed near universities tend to target students and young adults, those put in sports stadiums typically target families and sports fans. The airport is an obvious choice if tourists or busy travellers make up your target demographic. Mobile billboards and airport advertisements can be excellent substitutes for the enormous billboards on major roads if you’re looking for a more cost-effective advertising choice.


One of the most effective and widespread types of advertising in cities are billboards. Although the traditional billboard can produce worthwhile impressions, company owners have other options as well. There are many different kinds of posters and displays that fall under the umbrella term “billboards” in advertising. These include billboards that are static, mobile, and digital.

Typically, billboards have catchy graphics and short slogans or messages. Your target audience won’t have much time to read a lengthy billboard if they are walking or driving. Instead than striving to deliver more complex information or points of contact, it is preferable to increase awareness of your brand or promotion in a memorable, creative way. If a potential customer thinks back to your billboard, they might later look up your business or campaign online.

Mobile billboards are displayed in a digital format and are 97% more successful than traditional billboards. They can be placed on trucks, bicycles, or taxis. To grab people’ attention, these digital billboards frequently include video and even animated features. Additionally, digital billboards may rotate through various advertisements in addition to yours, making them less expensive than traditional static forms of advertising. Additionally, you can switch between various ad formats from your own campaign to more effectively target certain markets. Video in OOH advertising is a continuation of the content that we already consume since our world is already continuously aware of digital media on our phones.

Wait Marketing

Cities with a high population density provide additional opportunities for advertising on skyscrapers and public transit. Wait marketing is a strategy used by businesses to reach consumers during slow periods or transitions. Commuters in the city may be more inclined to glance at advertisements if they have nothing better to do when taking the bus, flying, or driving. Wait marketing enables advertisers to take advantage of the moments when busy city dwellers are unoccupied, even though at-home advertising through TV or social media ads is similarly efficient.

Street Furniture

You might also find advertisements sprayed on “street furniture” all across the city, in addition to bus stop and transit advertisements. Anything from benches and trash cans to plants and lampposts can be considered street furniture. Street furniture typically appears less obtrusive and blends in with a typical urban setting. Street furniture could work well for your campaign if you’re searching for a less expensive kind of advertising that targets a certain demographic. Advertisements placed on street furniture and wildposting are particularly effective when they use stylized sayings or pictures that are popular in metropolitan areas.


At first, advertising in a big city can seem overwhelming. In order to reach your target audience, how can you break through the noise of flashing lights and other advertisements? Urban advertising comes in a variety of forms, which is fortunately something you can take advantage of. You might decide to put up a billboard there if your target audience frequents that area. If you’re searching for a more affordable option to promote, you may also consider using street furniture or airport advertising. However, it does seem reasonable to spend in a targeted location and format for your ad campaign given that major cities can provide impressions in the millions.

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