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Why Choose Team Augmentation in 2022?

You will probably require the help of an experienced development team whether you run a business, want to drop an NFT collection, or want to create a mHealth solution for your healthcare organisation. The development world is now based on four primary working models, known as out staff, in-house team, and freelancing, because each project demands distinct conditions and resources.

Although each model has advantages and disadvantages of its own, team augmentation is the most common strategy for most firms. Companies employ an out-staffed team as a cost-effective and effective alternative to assist them fill the talent gap and launch the product much more quickly than with other models. The advantages of team augmentation will be discussed below.

What Exactly is Team Augmentation?

Team augmentation, also known as staff augmentation or team extension, describes the employment of specialists from another business to increase the size of the internal team. With this development strategy, the hiring team can choose the applicants based on particular specifications and particular business demands. All administrative headaches are taken care of by the staff augmentation provider, so you may collaborate with your new specialists in the same way that you do with your own teams.

According to Statista, interest in staff augmentation surged dramatically between 2017 and 2020, rising from 4.3% to 6.3%. Today, the number is considerably higher, and interest in the profession is increasing daily, making it the preferred option for short-term tasks. To be more precise, hiring additional workers is the greatest choice for businesses whose internal teams are short on key technical talents or qualifications.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation


IT staff augmentation enables businesses to leverage specialised expertise on their projects without the paperwork and cost associated with hiring new internal staff. Without having to pay for benefits, insurance, work equipment, office space, etc., organisations can use the knowledge and experience of specialised and tech-savvy employees at a significant cost savings. Additionally, the majority of businesses employ an understaffed crew for quick projects, making this cooperative model transient in nature. In other words, you only pay for resources when you actually need them.

Utilizing a team augmentation also lowers the costs associated with the recruiting and recruitment process as well as the time required to approve all the paperwork and provide onboarding for a new employee. You won’t waste much time, and you may change the applicant within one or two weeks because team augmentation companies supply you with a list of individuals who best fit your project.

Faster Project Completion

Team augmentation is typically utilised to finish short-term projects that need to be created quickly. As we previously indicated, hiring a staffed team enables you to skip the hiring process, which drastically cuts the time it takes for engineers to begin working. This cooperative model enables access to knowledge and abilities that might not be easily accessible within your organisation, so you don’t have to wait for your staff to acquire new skills and a full understanding of technology.

Higher Flexibility

As was already said, team augmentation enables businesses to scale up or down easily and fast. This is especially helpful for new businesses or during periods of expansion when the company requires more IT professionals to keep up with demand. You won’t have to wait weeks or months for the ideal people to apply for your open positions. As all businesses sought out nimble and adaptable solutions during COVID-19, this cooperative model gained popularity.

Because they can be moved from one project to another as needed and share talents with your in-house staff, team augmentation offers greater flexibility than permanent workers. Because they can begin working on a project as soon as the contract is signed, you won’t need to worry about preparing them for it. As more and new technologies reach the market in 2022, flexibility will be essential for success in the IT sector. Team augmentation will help you stay in demand. Flexibility in this context entails assigning the proper individuals to the appropriate seats only when necessary.

In-Depth Expertise

Team augmentation delivers a high calibre of knowledge and experience. Employing staff augmentation engineers instead of new hires or internal workers allows businesses to acquire specialised abilities, particularly for a project, without having to spend money on hiring and training new people. Having the greatest specialists on your team gives you a competitive advantage because the talent pool is larger and decisions are made faster.


You will be able to select the ideal source, such as Deazy, even if not all team augmentation providers have the same level of competence. Additionally, the supplier will permit you to conduct interviews with a number of candidates, which will make it simpler for you to select the ideal choice. By doing this, you can be sure that you’ll hire top-notch teams and elevate the standard of your projects.

Better Control

While team augmentation services do give businesses access to highly talented personnel, they also allow them better management of those personnel. For instance, businesses can now create unique workflows and procedures to make it simpler to keep an eye on the activities of their augmented staff. Additionally, it makes it easier to evaluate the work of the enhanced employees and disclose any errors. Because you have more control over business resources, IT productivity is known to grow, which boosts revenue and lowers expenses.

Final Thoughts

The most popular form of collaboration, team augmentation enables businesses to access a huge talent pool, improve product development efficiency, and reduce costs. Organizations can select the ideal team augmentation strategy for their organisation by being aware of all the advantages.

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