February 2023 - Newshana

How Can Telemedicine Change Our Future

The pandemic has forced nearly every aspect of society to change. Governmental operations, healthcare delivery, and interpersonal interactions have all changed. The pros and cons of accepting these adjustments are clear. Many new technologies that help combat the epidemic have gained popularity. One of the well-known platforms or tools used globally is telemedicine software development … Read more

How does AirTag work?

Apple’s new AirTag is a tiny, circular, and thin disc that you can attach to anything to track. Apple’s Find My network is used by AirTag to help you keep track of your possessions. Everything you need to know about AirTag, including its features and functioning, is provided here. What is an AirTag? A little, … Read more

Defining your pathway in Virtual Reality Course

We’re all generally aware of what virtual reality courses are, what they’re used for, and how they work. The expertise needed for virtual reality production is somewhat similar to that of 3D game development. This particular skill calls for a strong sense of creativity and aesthetics as well as IT expertise and familiarity with computing … Read more

What You Need to Know About Geolocation App Development

What is Geolocation Technology? You’ve probably seen the “My location” button if you’ve ever used the iPhone’s Maps software. This button instructs your iPhone to track your location and display a map of your current location. You can also use GPS to share your location with friends and family and view where you are on … Read more

The Importance of ESG for Investors

ESG is a crucial factor for investors to take into account because it has a big impact on their portfolio. Although ESG has been around for a while, investors have only just begun to take it seriously. This is due to the fact that businesses have been adopting ESG practises more frequently in order to … Read more

What Is Freelancing? 6 Ways to Make the Gig Economy Work for You

What is freelancing? The term “freelance” was first used, according to Merriam-Dictionary, Webster’s in the early 1800s. “Medieval mercenary who would fight for whichever nation or individual paid them the most,” was how the phrase was defined at that time. Since then, the term has changed, even taking on various names among employees. Freelancing eventually … Read more