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Find out about some Gmail hacks that improve your productivity

The most popular email service worldwide is Gmail. According to data, this service will have 1.8 billion active users in 2022, and its overall market share for email providers will be close to 43%.

Using Google Docs and Gmail tricks, increase your productivity.
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As a user, you are already aware of many benefits of Gmail. These include a large amount of storage, cutting-edge safety features, low maintenance requirements, and simple customization. Most importantly, it saves your emails to the cloud so you can access them from any device, wherever you are.

Nevertheless, despite these perks, there are several Gmail productivity hacks that can help you gain even more advantages and boost your productivity. The majority of these can be turned on using the tools and options available in the service’s settings.

And there’s no reason not to, especially with all the advantages. For instance, organising your emails and separating the important emails from the irrelevant (or spam) emails might help you clear your inbox. Another choice is to create filters, which enables you to get all incoming mail in one location.

But what are some tricks that are sure to boost your output and make message management simpler for you? For more information, keep reading.

Filter your messages

Do you have a client who contacts you frequently with messages that are all equally important? You should become proficient at message filtering. Receiving emails that need immediate attention mixed in with those that don’t can be annoying and problematic. I

Pick the mail, click the “more” button (with the three dots), select filter messages like these,” and then build a filter to enable the filter option. Following that, you can either send it to an existing label or create a new one with a distinctive name. All of your emails will afterwards be sent to this folder by Gmail.

Draft your emails in Google Docs

Try drafting your email in Google Docs before sending it rather than writing it immediately and pressing the compose button. This functionality is useful for emails that need to be approved by numerous individuals before being delivered to a customer or other key recipient.

Here’s how you ought to proceed:

  • Your PC should now be open a Google Docs document.
  • Once you’ve done that, create a drop-down menu by simultaneously pressing the shift key and @.
  • Select the email draught, then type the message as usual, including the standard recipients, addresses, and ccs.

pick the persons you must share the files or papers with and the files you want to distribute. After one last look, send the email after previewing it in Gmail. You benefit from features like contact search, grammar check, and spelling correction.


Unsend an email

Everyone encounters circumstances in which they wish they could cancel a communication that has already been sent. That is possible with Gmail. Immediately after sending a message, you are given the option to retract it in a notification on the bottom left of the screen. It works by clicking the undo button.

Setting the cancellation period, in which you specify the time period before the mail is sent again, is a preferable option. Open Gmail and select “All Settings” to do that. Choose the cancellation duration, which ranges from five to thirty seconds, after selecting undo.

Star mails if required

You may easily remember significant communications later on by marking them with a star in emails. Unlike messages with the “important” label, which vanish once you read them, messages with the “starred” label stay in your storage for as long as necessary.

Use a digital filing system

Your email attachments, cloud papers, and other files may all be easily found with a digital filing system. You can meet deadlines, organise plans, identify commonly used work quickly, access your files from anywhere, and ensure effective file management.

By using Gmail productivity tips, you may reduce spam, clean up your inbox, and distinguish between important and irrelevant messages. Several hacks are useful, like composing emails in Google Docs and filtering messages.

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