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Google Store resolves trade-in issues, promising solution for affected users

Google guarantees to accept your trade-in without requiring you to purchase a new Pixel 7 and send your old one back.
When they first arrived, the Google Pixel 7 Pro and its lesser siblings were a complete bargain. You may be able to enjoy your brand-new phone for much less than the $600+ asking price by trading in the proper phone, which could result in a considerable price reduction. But it appears that there are some bumps in the road. Numerous individuals assert that, despite going through the trade-in process on the Google Store website when they purchased their new phones, Google has no record of that.
Fortunately, the firm guaranteed a fix for those who are impacted, stating that it is coordinating with affected consumers to make trade-ins possible without requiring them to send back their Pixel 7 devices.

What happened?

You can choose to add your previous phone for trade-in when placing an order for a phone at the Google Store. You may be able to receive a significant amount of money back, depending on the product and its specific condition. However, some people who wanted to take advantage of Google’s excellent trade-in offers when the Google Pixel 7 had just arrived ended up leaving empty-handed.
People sometimes complain that they put their trade-in items during the ordering process, and that everything appeared to have gone through without a hitch, only to discover that the trade-in box they needed to send their old phone in never arrived. These consumers discovered after looking into it that their trade-ins just weren’t listed in the order summary, as if they had vanished after the purchase. There are numerous accounts of this on Twitter, including situations that involved members of the Android Police crew, both past and present.
It’s important to note that previous Pixel phone releases have been associated with reports of failed trade-in deals, so this is not the first time we’ve heard about them. It’s also possible that user error, such as forgetting to add or accidentally withdrawing the trade-in, contributed to some of these missed trade-in deals. Google has confirmed to us that there are some technical issues with the trade-in process, which is plausible considering the large number of reports on this.
After much back and forth with customer service, Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii, who was also experiencing the problem, was given an unacceptable solution that required him to ship back his Pixel 7 device in order to trade it in for another one. We can attest that this was also made available to others:
This presents a dilemma because many early orders also came with extras like headphones, exclusive trade-in offers, or in-store credit, some of which may have already expired. Due to this, many customers will end up with fewer options than they had anticipated or products that are more expensive than what Google would have otherwise supplied. Support first insisted that the trade-in option wasn’t chosen during checkout despite being informed of the significant number of unsuccessful trade-ins. Thank goodness, this stance has changed.

What’s the solution?

The business is working with impacted customers to facilitate trade-ins without requiring them to return and then reorder their Pixel 7, according to a Google spokesman who responded to us after we published our article.

We can attest that one of our staff members was able to manually begin the trade-in procedure for the Pixel 7 he had already acquired by contacting support; this allowed him to add the trade-in to his purchase after it vanished at the initial checkout. We advise getting in touch with the Google support staff ahead of time if you are affected and support hasn’t already gotten in touch with you.
The trade-in issue has now been completely resolved, according to a Google official, for anyone who still plans to acquire a Pixel 7. Google also altered the ordering process, requiring customers to expressly add or deny a trade-in at the time of checkout. In any event, just a small portion of buyers are claimed to have been impacted by the problem.

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