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The Biggest Mistake Content Creators Make and How to Pivot for More Income and Success

Do you have any success after some time of trying to commercialise your content? Do you have a market but no one seems to be interested in your offering? You’ve constantly put out material on a variety of channels, yet you still can’t leave your job and work as a creative full-time. Vanessa Lau asserts that this is most likely caused by one of these three fundamental errors.

Vanessa Lau is a corporate exile who made the decision to leave her job as a marketing manager in 2018 in order to pursue her passion for creating content full-time. She was able to build a multi-six figure business that aids thousands of people from all over the world in increasing their organic reach in less than a year. These are the three most frequent errors, in Lau’s opinion, that young content creators make when trying to grow their enterprises.

1.Only relying on short content 

Since most platforms now favour short-form content, many content producers have abandoned making long-form videos. The truth is that concentrating just on this kind of information can be highly frustrating in addition to being a losing struggle. In contrast to lip-syncing to a five-second audio and hoping people read my description, Lau remarked, “I don’t know about you, but I like to expand my account based on my thought leadership and unique material.”

She asserts that while short-form material might aid in business expansion, long-form films and emails are essential for building a strong fan-based community. Since they cultivate prospects far more quickly than short-form material, Lau views these as the foundational elements of every company. “Someone can watch one of my videos and instantly trust me as a creator and as a business owner because they have spent at least ten minutes watching my video in full, whereas it may take several short form content pieces that someone needs to watch or read to get that same level of trust,” said Lau.

2.Get stuck in audience capture

Getting caught up with audience capture is a mistake that novice creators frequently make. But to what does this phrase apply? Most people begin by concentrating on one single subject. As a result, their audience will anticipate seeing the same kind of content shared frequently.

The issue is that if you don’t grow your brand, your company will never be able to scale. If you don’t adapt to the constantly shifting entrepreneurial scene, your brand will soon disappear. Even if you might lose a few subscribers as a result of this, you’ll gain a lot of new ones in exchange. You can never get too comfortable in entrepreneurship, I tell my students. The world is constantly changing, and you must adapt or perish. How you feel is irrelevant to algorithms, market trends, and customers. Whether you like it or not, life will go on without you, remarked Lau.

3.Don’t find customers, create them

One of the main benefits of being a content creator is that you can generate your own clients rather than having to compete for their business. If you’ve been in this industry for a long but are still not getting results, the problem is most likely with your content. So quit whining and alter your approach! Your movies should have the ability to change minds and offer fresh viewpoints, transforming less-than-ideal customers into perfect ones.

Avoiding one-dimensional content and instead taking into account the entire customer journey can help you achieve this. Your videos should be created with those who don’t even recognise a problem in mind, enlightening them to a missed chance. Once you’ve done that, you can instruct them on how to handle the issue or take advantage of the opportunity. Make movies showcasing your particular expertise in the industry and establish a strong network. You may finally develop content that is specifically geared toward your product once you have a committed audience that trusts you. “This is how you acquire clients without spending money to do so. Some business owners’ opinions dramatically changed once I gave them a more thorough explanation of this, said Lau.

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