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Here Are the Benefits of Working as a Freelancer

A person can choose the type of employment that best suits their interests and profits from them thanks to freelancing.

Author:  Kinzal Jalan 30 April 2018

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Bright individuals feeling trapped and stagnant in their full-time professions has become a commonplace in the workplace. They frequently moan about having little time and no flexibility to live their life whatever they like. If you identify with that sentiment, you might consider freelancing as a career option.

According to statistics, our nation, India, is home to the second-highest number of independent contractors in the world, just behind the United States. These numbers can be understood rather easily. Indians are renowned throughout the world for being highly talented and excellent business partners. The fact that English is widely spoken in the nation aids in removing continental language boundaries and aids freelancers in locating very lucrative distant tasks all around the world. Even within the subcontinent, there are plenty of lucrative freelance opportunities among its many other benefits.

Entrepreneur India spoke to two people who were competent to provide insight and share experiences on the subject in order to delve deeply into the true advantages of working as a freelancer.

Dipesh Garg, CEO & Founder of is the first. His company operates an online marketplace where businesses can hire freelancers and freelancers can find suitable projects. More than 450,000 independent contractors have enrolled on his portal. His opinions on the benefits of working as a freelancer are as follows:

Freedom To Choose Clients And Projects

Gaining the flexibility to choose and go forward without any constraints is one of the main benefits of working alone as a freelancer. A person can choose the kind of employment that most interests them and serves their needs by freelancing, which makes this process very straightforward.

Immense Flexibility Of Location

People who freelance are able to live the coveted laptop lifestyle. The freedom to work whenever you want, from anywhere you are in the globe, as long as the task is done effectively and on time, is enormous. According to Dipesh, the most essential thing for a freelancer is to offer high-quality work, and he has the freedom to pick where and when he works.

An Opportunity To Earn More

Through freelancing, people can connect with clients regardless of their location, whether they are in another state or even abroad. This enables one to look beyond geography and focus on what best utilises their expertise. “The way people and businesses operate today is changing quickly. The global worker has access to a new world of options thanks to freelancing “, Dipesh opined.


Mukti Masih was the second person Entrepreneur India contacted for opinions. Mukti is the head of content at AVM Pictures in addition to being a seasoned freelance writer with more than a decade of experience in the field. In addition to the screenplays she’s written for more than one hundred corporate and advertisement films, her impressive CV also shines with her content contribution to the web development industry.

Here are Mukti’s recommendations for the benefits of her ideal work situation:

Multi-Faceted Exposure

Compared to any full-time work, freelancing offers faster prospects for growth. Excellent interpersonal skills and the capacity to handle various situations are also fostered. This is a result of the exposure gained through working concurrently in a range of fields, domains, and organisations. “While focusing on one area of expertise is usually a smart idea, freelancing exposes you to a variety of businesses and industries. As a result, learning more in five years of freelancing, for example, than in the same amount of time spent in one or two jobs “, Mukti says. She hypothesises that this occurs because dealing with a new client directly requires one to start over every time and understand the full unfolding process. In order to establish credibility as a freelancer, one must also create their own work portfolio. As a result, they wind up being a salesperson, pre-salesperson, and marketing executive.

A Chance To Experiment With Your Craft

Freelancing also gives one the opportunity to really experiment with their skill set. This frequently results in one expanding their own potential for adaptability and becoming their best selves “In my situation, I was only writing about my beat—articles and features—when I was employed as a writer on a full-time basis. I learned how to blog when I first started freelancing, which was very different from the in-depth pieces I was used to. After that, my brother and I co-founded a video production company, which gave me experience creating scripts and screenplays. In addition, I’ve produced scripts for audio books, online material, copy for commercials and TV commercials, product descriptions for e-commerce websites, white papers, and electronic books. I’m confident that after I land a few jobs, I won’t have the flexibility to write all of these kinds of things “Mukti recalls.

Become A Better Human Being

A freelance career can be seen of as the microcosm of a person’s entire life. It ultimately results in a person becoming a better person. When one is able to see life as a whole, something much broader than a single work or client, this naturally occurs as a part of the process. Mukti Stocks “In the same sector, you learn how to support one another. You view your fellow independent contractors as family rather than as competitors. You wish to spare other independent contractors the hardship you had when dealing with late payments, expensive months, or challenging clients.” She says that working as a freelancer has taught her to appreciate life’s beauty, which is uncertain but nevertheless lovely and worth living.

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