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Top reasons why being a freelancer is a great choice

Working for yourself has several advantages, whether you do it by founding your own company or by accepting numerous assignments as a freelancer. Flexibility, freedom of choice in projects and clients, and financial potential are all benefits of working as a freelancer.

Many people in a variety of professions like to be their own boss, and freelancing is the simplest way to do so. Freelancing gives you the freedom to select your working hours and the kinds of tasks you take on, which is advantageous if, for example, you have a family and want highly flexible hours of work or are intensely passionate about one aspect of your work and want to concentrate on it.

Freelancing in the Tech Industry

There is a tonne of room for freelancing in the IT sector. From data analysts to web developers to cybersecurity specialists, there are several IT positions that are in high demand. Particularly in the software and web development fields, demand is great. Anyone who wants to freelance has a tonne of options available to them if they have expertise or a qualification in this field. IT specialists and independent web developers will always have jobs.

Benefits of Freelancing

There are several benefits to working independently. The best options for you will rely on your unique circumstances and preferences. The following are some of the top benefits:

  1. Flexibility: You can choose your own working hours and location when you freelance. You can set up shop in your house or in a studio, or you can choose to work from a beach on a warm island. You can choose where and when to work as a freelancer, making you your own boss.
  2. Starting small: Freelancing doesn’t have to be an overnight shift; you can begin it gradually. This is especially helpful for those who want to change careers but are unable to do so by quitting their existing work. In the beginning, freelancing can be done in addition to a full-time job. This would enable you to gradually gain priceless experience without jeopardising your financial security.
  3. Choose the clients and projects you work on: Working independently has the wonderful perk of letting you pick your clients and projects. Particularly the tech sector has a lot to offer. Numerous businesses all over the world require assistance from developers or web analysts for a variety of initiatives. You may always work on projects that interest you as a freelancer since you get to choose the companies you work with.
  4. Significant earning potential: When working for a corporation, your income is typically fixed. The earning possibilities from freelancing is limitless. Your wages will often rise as you advance and get more expertise as a freelancer. In addition, freelancing is a terrific method to supplement a full- or part-time job’s pay.
  5. Possibility to grow and develop: If you’re not happy with your current position, freelancing gives you the chance to expand your horizons. A new certification will improve your CV and make you a more appealing prospect for freelance jobs if you work in technology. Learning new coding languages is incredibly helpful for developers, for instance. Expanding your expertise and increasing your opportunities for freelance work are also achieved by learning ethical hacking techniques or studying UX design.
  6. Independence: Working as a freelancer gives you the freedom to select the businesses you work with and decide whether to take on short-term or long-term assignments. For many people, the chance to explore new topics rather than sticking to one department is really advantageous and will keep your profession exciting. Another great benefit that freelancers can take advantage of is the opportunity to broaden their experience. One of the most common justifications for going freelance is this.

Getting Started as freelancer

It doesn’t have to take years of study or a big financial investment to get started if you want to have more influence over how your job develops, try to branch out into a new field, or plan a complete career change. Everything you need to get started will be given to you in a bootcamp or brief intense training. Anyone looking to start freelancing in the tech sector should take one of Ironhack’s courses. They provide a thorough introduction to topics like the following by combining theory and practical skills:

  • User Interface Design and User Experience
  • coding dialects (HTML, Javascript, CSS, Python, React, and Ruby)
  • Cybersecurity
  • data evaluation

There are opportunities in IT for both creative and technical people, so there is certainly something for everyone. For computer freelancers, soft skills like excellent organisational and time management skills are also extremely useful. Be sure to emphasise these on your own website or LinkedIn page.

Reasons to Become a Freelancer in Tech

There are many good reasons to work alone. The tech sector has a lot to offer in terms of job types and career options for people looking to change careers. Once you possess the fundamental abilities, gaining experience is what’s required. Technology is a dynamic industry with a lot to offer its employees. It is also, and will continue to be, a stable, industry with significant growth in which to work.

Start working as a freelancer right away. Discover the accessible, cost-effective selection of remote Bootcamps offered by Ironhack, and start developing a new set of skills.

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