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Google boosts new gaming Chromebooks with free GeForce Now and Amazon Luna

Following Stadia’s demise, Google is still still interested in gaming, and as a result, there is a brand-new Chromebook effort focused on, you guessed it, gaming. In particular, cloud gaming, with Nvidia at the fore as the project’s closest partner. In general, Chromebooks are great for working in the cloud, so it’s no surprise to … Read more

Google says now is the time to make Wear OS apps

It appeared as though Google had given up on Wear OS as a platform up until August of last year. The top Android smartwatches were dominated by Samsung’s Tizen-based models, with Wear OS receiving hardly any upgrades and an app ecosystem that was all but dead. That changed when Google and Samsung teamed up to … Read more

The best Android games for kids

Finding games for kids can be frustrating because many mobile games are designed to drain wallets rather than provide entertainment, especially when kids are involved. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of the top Android games for kids that won’t break the bank while yet providing hours of entertainment for all ages. This … Read more